Tuesday, September 23, 2014

hey, hey, hey :)

Welll! Good Afternoon! :) I am sorry but this is a day late and it is going to be a dollar short.. .haha I am just going to tell ya some great things that happened this week! :) It was a pretty good week! Our baptismal candidate called us back! :)

So he called us to ask us a question about the Book of Mormon on Friday and we asked if we could just meet with him and he said yes! So we met and we had a really good lesson and he told us that he got more clarification on his answer and he said he is just not ready to be baptized YET! So he wants to keep learning... he feels like there is commandments he needs to live better! So that was cool! :) So he came to church on Sunday and we had him come to a member’s house last night for dinner and everything went great! :) 
We were also able to have another really great lesson with our investigator this past week... he is the best! One day i want you to meet this family! :) 
Other than that it was a week full of meetings! We were asked to give a training to all the new District Leaders and that was fun! We were able to help out at Preakness again and play bingo with some old folks! hahah :) It was kind of a slow week!
But yesterday was the best! We were able to go and have Zone Conference with Elder Willford Anderson of the 70’s and his wife! It was amazing and the Spirit was soo strong! We were able to meet with him before because he met with all the leaders and man... I wish I could tell you everything I learned… but it was just so amazing! Just to feel this man was sooo called of God was incredible! :) 
Well! I am sorry this is the worst email... forgive me please? :) I love you so much! Have a good week! :) 
Seeeee ya soooon!
Sister Dahl

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