Monday, September 8, 2014

are visions real?

Good morning!!!! Wow... what a week! Once again I say that all the time! I just wish there was times when I could just pick up the phone and call you to tell me about my week because this whole thing to sit down and email sometimes takes some serious patience... not to mention my typing skills have seriously increased over the past little while :) minus all the mistake I make in the letters... sometimes I just don't have time to fix them so sorry :)  ha anyways! On to the week! :) 

Monday: What a great day! We were able to go and play sports with the Zone and President and his girls came and it was pretty fun! Good little bonding time I guess you could say... Pres even went out and played with us! Ha! But we got all pretty into it! After that it was time to get out and go to work! We didn't get to teach anyone that night but we were able to visit some formers and set up some return appts! :) 
Tuesday: We were able to go to Zone meeting in the morning then we were able to come back and teach our baptismal candidate. He is progressing really well! We talked a lot about The Gospel and he is still excited to get baptized! We also took a member that he made pretty good friends with so that is good! :)  Then we were able to go and see our investigator that night and that was really good! She is going through so much and it was good to try to help her see the importance of the gospel... bad thing though... at the end of the lesson she gave us a bowl of watermelon and I ate it… and my throat closed up! Needless to say... Sister Coulam made me take some Benadryl. I don't think I should eat watermelon ever again... right Grandma Stark??? haha I did sleep good that night though :) 

Wednesday: We actually had a normal day and we were able to go and see a Less Active! She is a sweetheart that is Jersey through and through! We had a good lesson with her about finding her purpose! :) After that we were able to contact a man on the street that seemed real excited about the Book of Mormon and wants us to come back and teach him! :) Then we did some more contacting time and finding some less actives and we came across one who is okay without going to the celestial kingdom :( and another who really doesn't agree with the teachings and wanted to argue with us for a while... :( sad.. :( Hopefully they will come around one day! 
Thursday: We were supposed to go to Ellis Island but at the last second it was cancelled for us... :( so we did some weekly planning and some contacting in a park and that was fun! We talked to lots of people! :) 

Friday: President really wants us to do more service so in the morning we went to a health care center for a volunteer orientation and we were able to see what we can to do help there! We contacted lots of workers there and we should be starting next week! :) Then we went on exchange with Sisters Rigby and Collins and Sister Rigby came to Caldwell with me! That was fun! We were able to go and see a great family! They are the best! They fed me gluten free pizza! It was soooooo yummy. Like it was homemade! BEST STUFF EVER!  :) And we had a great lesson with them! They are getting more and more active! :) 
Saturday: We had a lesson with our baptismal candidate in the morning about the Word of Wisdom and not gonna lie... he wasn't too sure... :( he has an occasional beer and he didn't know if he could do that or not... so we invited him to pray about it and tell us the next day so he said he would... then we exchanged back and Sister Coulam and I went contacting and met a couple great people then we were able to go to a Missionaries "farewell" party! He is going to Peru this week... he is in our ward! So they invited us over to have some Filipino food and boy was it good :) I love that family! And that was really our night :) 

Sunday: Mike came to church again and that was good but the best part was... he came in and he told us that he didn't think God would really answer his prayer about the drinking because he didn't think it was a problem… but ya see... Mike has visions sometimes and he was able to have one Sat night and in this vision he saw himself going to an AA meeting in 20 years and he was a mess and he woke up and he realized that was his answer and that he knows he needs to stop drinking and live the Word of Wisdom :) how cool is that??? Sometimes I wonder about his visions but I believe that this one, that is inviting him to do good, like it says in Moroni, that it is of God :) I love that God has his own ways of preparing people! :) That night we were able to go to dinner at a member’s home and that was really our night with some contacting and studies in there too :) 
But that was our week! Pretty great! :) Love seeing God’s hand in this work. I am so lucky to be a part of it! It strengthens my testimony every day to be able to see miracles just happen. To see my prayers answered for others and to see others prayers answered for them. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and is aware of us every day! Know that I love you all as well and hope you have a great week! :) 

Sister Dahl

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