Monday, September 29, 2014

Best News Ever!!

Welll what a great week! We were able to go on some exchanges… Ellis Island... and then hearing that our investigator CAN BE BAPTIZED! :) Soo excited! Plus... I also ran more than a mile this morning… thats always cool right? Meltin’ off the mission weight. WOOT! 

Well I talked to ya'll last on Tuesday... sorry about that bad email I sent... this week will be better.. .promise :) 
Tuesday: Well after our p-day we were able to go and be with the young women that night! We talked with them and did a question and answer about serving missions! It was so fun! The youth here are so strong it is amazing! :) 

Wednesday: GREAT day because we were able to go to Ellis Island! Oh I love that place and being able to serve there and help others find their family members! It's the best! After that we were driving home and we got a call from our mission President that one of our investigators has the clearance to be baptized! Holy Shmoly! We were so excited! :) We weren't expecting that! So that was fun to hear! :) After that we were able to go on exchange with the sisters! I stayed in the area with Sister Page and we went and had some miracles! We stopped by some potentials and we met one guy and he was so excited! So we picked him up as a new investigator! :) Then we went to see a Less Active Brother! He seems super great! It was a good little lesson with him! :)
Thursday: We did our little exchange evals and then we exchanged back and then Sister Coulam and I had a night of weekly planning and so that was good! :) 
Friday: We had a great day here in our area! We were able to teach our baptismal candidate in the morning and that was good! He just had a lot of questions but he is still progressing! Then we met with another Less Active who hasn't been to church in forever but she was super nice so that was fun! :) After we went on exchange and I went to Paterson to be with Sister Ivie! We contacted a lot of people... but it was all in Spanish so I don't really know what was going on haha but it was fun to be with her :) 
Saturday: We played soccer in the morning! I think that should be my new sport... just sayin! Then we were able to go and study then exchange back! So then in our area we were able to go to Lincoln Park days to see if we could contact some people... no luck... :/ but it was good to get out! Then we went to stop by a Less Active and she let us in! That was super good! :) She is a sweetheart! Then we were able to go and see the one who was cleared for baptism! He and his wife took us to a Chinese Buffet! He was so excited to get baptized and he just had so many questions! :) After that we ran to the Womens General Conf and that was soo good! We were a little late but I love the Spirit there! :) My new goal: memorize the Living Christ! :) 
Sunday: Was a great day! The less active we met earlier came to church for the first time in YEARS! It was so cool:)Our baptismal candidate was there and so was the man who is able to be baptized! We had a great Ward Conference! I saw some people that were from my old wards who are in the stake and it is just amazing the amount of love I have for the members here.. I am sure going to miss them all! After church we actually went to a Presbyterian church... haha The man who came back to church this week and his wife and daughter put on a play on there... so we went to watch it! They were so excited we were there and it was pretty interesting... And that was really our day :) 
This morning though... Sister Coulam fell down the stairs and got a black eye... that pretty much made my day! hahahha Love her :) and she laughed about it! :) 
But I am so grateful to be able to serve here… this week I understood the importance of praying for miracles! I have prayed for so long for an amazing miracle to happen with our investigator who wanted to be baptized! That somehow some way I'd be able to witness his baptism and look at this! :) I am so excited for him and to be able to have his family united :) I know that God hears and answers prayers and that miracles do happen! :) I love you all and have a good week!
Sister Dahl!
(Click on photos to enlarge)
 Sister Coulam in New York!
 Sister Page and I
 Sister Coulam and I matched and we didn't plan it!
 The sister's and I on exchanges!

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