Monday, October 6, 2014

22 Flippin' years old??

Welll Gooooood morning. Is it getting cold in Utah? Because here comes the coldness here! Man oh Man! What a good week though! :) Exchanges, meetings, birthday (and getting totally spoiled) and conference! :) Just awesome! :) 

Monday: After P-day we were able to go and see our investigator family! Had a great dinner and fun with them! They are great! We were able to talk about how we can best prepare to watch conference! It was exciting to see them so excited about it. 

Tuesday: We had district meeting and after that we were able to go on exchange with the Sisters in Paterson! Sister Robinson, a new sister, and I stayed in Caldwell! We were able to teach an investigator and have a good lesson about the 10 commandments. I have found it interesting that people always think they are living the 10 commandments but when they just read over them... there is always something they can improve on! Even me! I always have something better to do when I read over them! After that we were able to contact some people and meet a new lady! She is super old and funny but wanted to talk to us because she loved Romney! So we got an appt for Wed. Then we went to dinner at a family’s house and that was good and fun and we were able to teach their little kids about Prophets as well! :) 
Wednesday: We exchanged back and went right back onto another one! I stayed in Caldwell again with Sister Stout! That was good and we went to see that old lady! She is a Born Again Christian but a sweet heart and wanted to keep talking so we will see how that goes :) Then we were able to contact some people and go and teach another lady that night! :) That was a good lesson and she really does want to be baptized she just is going to try to start getting off of work! :) 
Thursday: We were able to exchange back from two exchanges! Makes me sure miss Sister Coulam! haha But then we were able to do some paper work then we went to help a new member unpack! Feels so good to do service! :) 
Friday: We had Misison Leader Council allll day then District Leader Council alll night! Long day of sitting but it was good meetings :) We are working on Revelation and working with members :) 
Saturday: My mom’s Birthday :) What a great day! :) haha but really I got spoiled! We got to watch conference! Then get sushi! Teach our investigator, More conference, Then that night we got to teach an investigator and our baptismal candidate! What a day! :) I loved it! Then I came home to loads of flowers on my steps! Thank you for all the presents and everything! Love you alll! :) 
Sunday: More conference and we went to a member’s for dinner! 
That was our week! 
Update on our baptismal candidate: He is good to go to get baptized! He has changed his date a couple times but he wants to be baptized the 17th of October! If you could-pray for him... one of his friends gave him anti-Mormon stuff and he is confused. He should be okay but could use some prayers! The devil is the worst! :(
Conference: WOW! What a conference! I thought the overwhelming theme for me was families staying strong in the gospel together! I loved the focus of trusting in the Prophets and what they say! I love the feeling I get when I listen to them :) I don't really have a favorite talk but one of my top ones had to be the Prophet! I loved is talk about walking as the Savior! I also loved Elder Bednar’s about Missionary work along with Elder Anderson about having a strong Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the restoration! There was just so many and I can't wait to study them again! :) 

Well Thank you again for all you have done for me! Fyi... my pdays from here on out will be weird! So I don't know when I will email... :/ but know I love you so much! Know that I have an even stronger testimony, since this past week, of the reality that Christ’s Church is truly restored to the earth TODAY. And we have the privilege of being a part of it! I love you all and hope you have a good week!
Sister Dahl
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 Sister Robinson and I
 Love my comp :) Sister Coulam and I

Spoiled birthday girl!!

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