Monday, October 20, 2014

...tricked you guys a little!

Surprise! I am emailing a bit early today... We have a SUPER BUSY WEEK ahead of us so there is not going to be much time soo we decided to email today... But THIS week was a great week to just work! And started off with an exchange to New City to see some old friends, went to our baptismal candidate being baptized, then to me giving a talk in Sacrament meeting! What a great week! :)

Tuesday: We were able to go on exchange early in the morning and I was able to go to New City with Sister Woodland! ahh it was so much fun! They let me see a sister that was baptized while we were there! And her mother was there! We surprised them! It was great! And then we were able to go and teach another girl that was baptized there and her little brother because he is getting baptized soon and she wasn't supposed to be there... but she was and it was super good to see her! :) She started to cry! We were able to make her part of the lesson and it was great because she remembered those feelings when she was baptized! Ah... it was the best day! :) I loved it so much!

Wednesday: We were able to go to district meeting and have a great time there then after that we switched back and Sister Coulam and I went to teach one of our investigators. That was an interesting lesson (more details in a sec) and then we were able to go and teach a less active that has been less active for like 10 years! We had a super good lesson with him and he said he wants to come back to church :) It was a great night!

Thursday: We had a great day of weekly planning! Woot! Then we were able to go and have a member pick us up to go teach another less active. He is a great guy... it was a good lesson because he needed to talk... and we talked a little bit about horses... he said he used to barrel race... haha
Friday: Wonderful day of working!!! YAY! We were able to go and see a new investigator! He is great and we taught the Restoration to him... he said he wants to be baptized as well! He contacted us on the street a couple of days ago it was so cool! After that we actually tried a lot of people with no luck but were able to go to the church and set up for the Baptism! It was such a great service... simple but nice! The Spirit was great! He bore his testimony after and I can just tell he is going to be a really strong member of the church :) It was so great! I am so happy for him and to see him and his wife be sealed soon! :) p.s. 18 months on the mission... weird...

Saturday: Another day of working! We actually were able to see the investigator I said I would tell you about in a sec! He actually dropped us for good. It was a good thing... he had a "vision" or a dream that gave him this thought of reincarnation and was stuck with that. He was happy for the things we have taught him and the relationship he has gained with Heavenly Father! But he doesn't really want to keep learning... :( it was sad but it was a good talk and we ended on good terms. We testified and left him to think about that! After that we just went out to work all night and we found some great potential that we are excited for! :)
Sunday: Great Sabbath day! I was actually asked to talk in Sacrament! Haven’t done that in a while! It was good for me though. It was on the importance of following the living prophets’ words and examples! It was super good to study. I never thought of the example part of things... I read the story of when President Monson went to see his boyhood Sunday school teacher to give him a blessing… and the example he is to me and it was fun to study that.. Hopefully it was an okay talk... I dunno... but also our newly baptized member received the Holy Ghost! OH THAT WAS GREAT! :) He was still beaming today!! I have grown to love him so much! After church we were able to go and see a new investigator. She is a funny Nigerian lady but said if things were true, she would be baptized! :) So hopefully that will be good! And now we are emailing!

Well... Last week huh? All I can say is I am going to make it count! :) And I feel like I should say something super profound about my mission... but I don't really want to think about it ending right now... so I am not... haha but I am grateful to be able to testify of Christ like this for one more week! READY OR NOT… HERE I COME! :)

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful day! :) :*
Sister Dahl
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 My visit to New City!
 Sister Woodland and I
 Sister Coulam and I
A great baptism day!!

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