Monday, August 18, 2014

sick, sick...go away!

Welll gooooood morning! Ya know today is a good morning... because I feel much better. But this past week haven't been good mornings... haha nothing is worse than being sick when you know it is your fault. Sister Coulam and I have this problem where... we like to talk... a lot... so this past couple weeks together that is what we do instead of sleeping... ha! So give it a couple days and that wears on a Sister! Sooo all is well now, but had a little head cold! :( But despite that, we were able to see some amazing miracles and have some really spiritual lessons this week! And we started exchanges! WOO! 

Monday: Great p-day playing sports... then after that we had one of our Sisters call us and needed to do an emergency exchange so we spent the night in their area trying to help them out! All is well now... just a rough little night for them! :) 

Tuesday: This day was a different day... we were able to go to Zone Meeting. Sister Coulam and I were asked to give a training in the meeting and that went well! It was on promising people blessings! It's pretty great to think that US as MISSIONARIES really do have 18 months to 2 years to promise people blessings and watch them come true. No other time will we have the authority to do that in this position and it is amazing to be able to see how we are inspired to promise someone something and then if they follow through, it really happens!! After that we spent the day with Sister Taggart. We were able to go and visit some of the Sisters that we are over and it was really good for them to see her. Then we came back to our area finally and had coordination with our ward mission leader and that went great too and that was really our day... it was weird not working... :( 

Wednesday: We were able to go on exchanges with Sister Webb and Sister Greenall! I went with Sister Greenall (a sister I came to the mission with) in Paterson and so that was really fun! We saw some great miracles! One of their investigators who is getting ready to be baptized wasn't talking to them for a couple days but while I was there he finally called them and we were able to go over and he told us he is suffering with depression and it was so amazing to be able to comfort him and let him know all is well. When we left he said he still wanted to be baptized! :) 
Thursday: We exchanged back and then we spent the day planning and getting ready for the week! Not much was able to happen… planning takes so long! We also made our map and got our area organized. It is so hard going from an awesome area to having it split... but Heavenly Father is still blessing us! :) 

Friday: We were able to go on another exchange and I was able to go with Sister Allen and stay in Caldwell! She is so cute! But we had a pretty great day trying to visit potentials and Less Actives but we did see some cool things! We were at this guy’s house and he wasn't home but as we were walking out we saw this man walking on the street and this guy, from the looks of it, looked a little less accountable so I almost didn't contact him but the Spirit told me I needed to so I did! Turned out to be an amazing guy! His name is Mike and he has been through a lot in his life. His mother died of Breast Cancer, his father has cancer, and a little while ago his house burned down... :( BUT the best part is, when his house burnt down he actually stayed in a Marriott hotel and didn't have anything to do so he saw the Book of Mormon and read it! So he was so excited to see us and wants to know more about the book! :) MIRACLE!! We also were able to go and see this guy who was a former investigator who one day walked into the church and loved it! Well we got in contact with him again and he seems so great! We taught a great lesson with him and he just kept saying "I have been to so many churches and I just haven't found what I am looking for yet..." YOUUU WHOOO!!! IT'S RIGHT HEREEEE!!!!! :) 
Saturday: Another great day… we exchanged back and we were able to come back and go see an investigator again! We taught him and he shared some spiritual experiences with us... he told us that he saw us in a dream a year ago and he recognized us when we talked to him... crazy! But he seems to be great and we will keep working with him! The rest of the day was just contacting and trying to find people to teach! :) Oh we met a guy named Laban! WHAT? Who has that name! We thought it was cool! haha! 

Sunday: Great day at church! Our young investigator came to church and some of the young women got up and bore their testimony about Girls Camp and talked about how she was such a good example to them there... it was cool! I love her and hope to get back to seeing her again this week! After church though was the great part! We were able to see our investigator from a part member family!!! He is so great, they brought me gluten free banana bread... haha love his family but on top of that we had a great lesson with him. He really opened up to us about his past life and how he is feeling so much guilt... :( it made me so sad to see someone suffering so much!!! That is not what Christ wants! That’s why He performed the Atonement. So we talked a lot about that and I can't explain it but it was a powerful lesson... I am so grateful for our Savior! But that was our day.
That was really our week! I love seeing and being a part of the greatest miracles of all. It really is amazing to be able to be a missionary and see people looking at the Book of Mormon for the first time. Letting people hear about Josephs Smiths Vision for the first time. Watching them PRAY! All the things that mean so much to me, yet I get to bring that to others and allow that to make a difference in their lives! I am one lucky duck! Well hope you all have a good week! :) I love ya! 

Sister Dahl
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 Sister Greenall and I
Sister Allen and I

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