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It is P-day! Which means I finally have the chance to email you and tell you all about my amazing week! :) I have so much to tell you but first things first! :)

We live in the cutest old house! We live in the upstairs and a guy named Rich lives downstairs haha it is so cute and old and reminds me of Great Grandma Stark’s house ALL OVER AGAIN! haha  joy... but really it is just fine and I am just glad to have a place that I can live! Minus the shower... we have plenty of water pressure... it is just SUPER moody.. you will be sitting there then all of the sudden it will go burning hot and almost kill you!!!!! haha then 4 seconds later it will freeze you! That is a lot of fun! But we have figured out if you don't flush the toilet before you shower... it is less moody... so yeah! :)


Sister Nelson- Probably the coolest sister I have ever met. She is great! We get along so awesome! (Huge blessing) We are so much alike! We both want to be obedient and know when to work but also know when we have time to just talk. She is from Idaho and did rodeo in Jr. High! She goat tied! haha then she just played sports! Her dad is a farmer! Just way cool! So she has been out for 3 months! We got our calls a week apart from each other... crazy huh? She left in January! But there is timing in everything! :)


We serve in the FARDALE area! It is huge! But soooo pretty! It is up by the North East part of New Jersey and is soooooooo pretty!!!! :) I love it here! The people are so kind and it reminds me of a little small town feel... everything here is so old! Like the buildings are 100's of years old! It is weird! But it is a really nice area with quite a few members!! :) It is really rich! Queen Latifa lives somewhere in our area.. and the Jonas Brothers parents!!!!!


YAY! We get to talk so soon! So I will be able to Skype you for an hour on Sunday! I am not sure the exact time. We will be able to call you Saturday around 5 to tell you all the details of how to do things and what time for sure on Sunday. Anyways, that’s the deal though! BE READY! :)


We flew in! They shipped us over to NEWARK-scariest place of my life! haha and told us to start contacting people! I totally know why your mouth dropped when you read my call! Mine did when I went there! But don't worry…night and day difference there to where I am now! :) And I know that is the plan!  Some guy started arguing and yeah it wasn't good... (Luckily sisters don't get sent there to serve!) We were able to stay at the Mission President’s house that night... such a nice place! They fixed us dinner and everything! Guess what I did?? When I went to fix my plate of food I dropped one of their super nice plates and it shattered everywhere!!!!!! I was so embarrassed! haha great first impression! I told them sorry and that my mom doesn't let me eat on the good china at home... haha oh well! :) But we stayed there then the next morning was full of meetings! My Mission President and his wife are amazing! They love each other so much! They have sooo much fun! :) But they also know when it is time to be serious! (look up Alex Boye... that is our mission presidents Son-in-law!!!)
They shipped us to a church where we would get with our companions and go to our new areas. At this time we didn't know who they would be yet so we ate lunch first and I sat with a bunch of sisters! I told all of them I was scared to drive... haha and one sister says, I feel so bad for whoever my comp is because I can't drive.. so that means they have to! Well guess who that was?? haha My companion!!! So yes! I am the one that has to drive out of the two of us!!!! AHHH!!! People here drive like crazy!! But I am getting the hang of it slowly! I need to get a GPS... luckily sister nelson has one.... but it is the only way to get around!!! But yes so we jumped in the car and headed off to our area. We were supposed to teach an investigator for the first time Monday night… but my comp had a feeling that we needed to meet with the bishop instead! So she set up a dinner with them and off we went! Well we get there and it turns out that their two kids are gluten free!!! So my first meal was completely gluten free! :) Such a huge blessing! The Lord seriously watches out for us! :) They sent me home with a whole lot of food! :) So don't worry mom! I am all set! :)
First day of missionary work! It was great! We met with the ward mission leader.. haha different little man… had dinner with them and then went shopping for food! The stores here have loads of gluten free food! WAY More than Wal-Mart... what is up with that grandma?? hah but I was able to find lots of good things for me to eat! :) HEALTHY TOO! And don't worry I am taking my vitamins!! :)

Highlight of this day… we were teaching a recent convert in a dunkin dounuts and this guy walks in and listens to our conversation... (my comp and the guy have seen him before and tried to talk to him but nothing ever came out of it..) so I just said hi to the guy and introduced myself and it turned into a 1 and a half hour conversation about our church! It was so great! He loved how things worked in our church! We gave him a book of Mormon and he said he was going to study more and so hopefully we seen him at the coffee shop next time! :) By the way… cooked myself dinner this night! Tilapia, baked potato, and spinach salad! I am quite the cook! :)

Highlight of this day... we were going to start walking around and tracted around our neighborhood because we didn't have anything else to do and we ran into the sweetest lady outside and she invited us in and we talked with her for a good 30 min! She said we can come back and tell her more! :)

Friday and Saturday... we just worked with less active people! HUGE IN OUR MISSION! We met with them at tried to get them to come back to church! :)

Great day! Got to go to church! It is so cool how no matter where you are, the church is organized the same! :) I felt right at home there! It was overwhelming meeting all the people! haha One lady had brought me a cracker for the sacrament, had them bless it and the deacons brought it to me. It was a nice thought! ;) Two less actives that we met with were at church!!! :)

They were low on help in primary so guess what we got to do?? HELP WITH THE SUNBEAMS!! :) It was so much fun!! :) After we were able to go to the Relief Society President’s house and meet her… guess what? Her son is gluten free too so she gave me a loaf of UDI bread!!! They are taking care of me here mom so don't worry!!! :) But we also were able to meet with a kid who is somewhat interested in the church and have a good conversation with him about reading the BOM!

That is my week though!! :) I am so happy here and I really wouldn't want to be anywhere else! The weather is sooo perfect! The members are soooo nice and so willing to accommodate to my diet! :) It is BEAUTIFUL HERE!!! :) I just love it! Thanks for everything you do to support me! I hope all is well at home and know that I pray for you a whole lot!!!! :)

Can't wait till Sunday!!! :)
Love you forever!
Sister Dahl

 At the Airport
 Driving to Jersey
 Our group from the MTC
The Mision Home

 My New Comp Sister Nelson

What... Elder Dahl???
 Our house :)
 Our room
 Our kitchen
 My first cooked meal!
A view up our street

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