Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The importance of being exactly obedient!

Dearest Family:

How are ya doing?!?! :) SO glad I finally get to email you! :) Can you believe I have been out for 1 month now! You know that went by super fast...

Well this week went so great! :) Another great week being a missionary... things don't get much better than that! :) But this week I learned the importance of being exactly obedient! YOU RECIEVE MIRACLES! Last week Sister Nelson and I decided we needed to be getting up a little earlier than 6:30 so that we have time to say our prayers then get right to exercising.. yay... ha ha but we did it! We got our full 30 min of exercising in this day then went to work. We had a day fulllllll of great things! First we went to see this lady an Elder mentioned to us to go see. Her teaching record said that they saw her once, but then sisters came back a little while later and they denied ever meeting with the missionaries...?? So we were a little hesitant. So we decided to pray about it... Well we both got the feeling that we needed to just go and see her. We knock on her door and she lets us right in! :) We talk for a while and she finally said, "Oh yeah I remember your church. One day I was talking on the phone with a doctor and they just told me that my daughter might be really sick. It was the worst day of my life! I hung up the phone and was balling and I heard a knock on the door... I went to go get it and it was two men and they looked right at me and said that everything was going to be okay." She then went on to tell us she knew they were sent from God!!! The Spirit was so strong when she was telling us this it was incredible! :) However, she went on saying that she was Catholic and that she didn't believe in having one religion and that was that... so we left... Well we got out in the car and we looked at each other and we had the worst feeling EVER! We didn't testify to her!!!! So we said another prayer and asked Heavenly Father what we should do... We knew we had to walk back up the door tell her what we believe... So we did! We told her that if we didn't tell her our testimony we would be failing those Elders that came to her door that day... and we would mostly be failing our Father in Heaven who we knew sent us to her that day! It was great! We asked her if we can see her again and talk more about our religion! So we have an appt. next week! :) I am so excited! Revelation to prayer!! It was a great feeling to know that we did all we could do... I know our Father in Heaven was proud! So pray for her to listen to us with an open mind and heart! :)

Then for the next great thing! Right after we met with her we decided to go over to a Less-Active Members house and see him. Well a Korean lady answered the door and was like "oh oh oh I am studying the bible, I am studying!!" We were like okay??? She asks us to come in and tells us she doesn't know if she is praying right. So we told her that we can help her with that! :) She ended up telling us her story… She goes to the Korean branch but is in our area and she is investigating the church. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and taking the discussions with Elders and the Korean Branch every Sunday. She says she knows she is going to get baptized… she has to do it!! She is like the Golden Investigator!!! :) It was so neat to see the Lord place us right there... AGAIN! :) We called the Elders she is meeting with and they asked us to check up with her during the week because they can only teach her Sunday! So we said we will and I really hope we can be a part of her conversion and getting baptized! :) It is amazing! :)

So this week we also were able to have a member of the 70 Elder Koelliker and his sweet wife come and talked to us! It was amazing and it is so cool to be able to shake his hand because you can feel the connection and power that he has! The spirit there was sooo strong and my testimony grew so much in the couple hours! It was great!!! So lucky to be a part of that!!! :) After the ward cooked us dinner… (there were three zones... about 70 people there) we went home. Well the next day texts were going everywhere and everyone was sick! My two comps were and most of our zone... it was crazy! However, I wasn't! haha The only thing we could think of was that they served pasta with some chicken sauce on it... so of course I didn't eat it... I think that is what made everyone sick! BLESSINGS OF BEING A GLUTEN GEEK! :) Everyone is feeling better now though! :)

But YES! Like I was telling you, we got a new companion!! Her name is Sister Webb! She is from Texas! Apparently the apartment she was in before could only have 2 people (and she was in a threesome) so they had to kick her out and she got to come up here! :) She is actually waiting for her Visa to go to Brazil! Even though we want her to stay here… I really hope she gets her Visa so she can go there! She wants to sooo bad! She speaks Portuguese to us all the time and she is sooo good at it! It is fun! But the three of us get along great! :) Another huge blessing! :)

But we have another great week ahead of us! :) I really hope that we will be able to email Monday... I didn't even think of it being a holiday : / I guess we will try! Because I know our P-day hasn't changed!

But know that I love you all so much and can feel your prayers! :) Thank you all! Keep up being a missionary at home!!!

Our New Companion

 Raining pink petals

 Our group from the MTC at Zone Conference

 Rainy Weather

 A lilac bush...just for you mom! :)
The bear cave in one of our members backyards

Ate at a restaruant named "Cluck-U Chicken"

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