Monday, May 13, 2013

I will just have to volunteer to take care of you when you are old... maybe...

Well yesterday was such an amazing day... wow! I loved talking to you all! I was really glad that everyone was able to be there and I got to see everyone! It was just so much fun! It was also so great to see that the Lord is protecting my family while I am gone! :) I love you guys so much!!!! Mom, I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Like I said, being out on your own really makes you appreciate all that you have done for me! Makes me realize all the small things you have done for me over the years and I don't know how or when I will ever be able to repay you! (maybe I will just have to volunteer to take care of you when you are old... maybe...) haha But I do love you so much!! :) Never forget that! :) I am glad to know that the Lord gives you peace! He gives me peace and strength as well… every day! I know I couldn't do it on my own! He is amazing! :) Yeah today we are playing games with our zone and going shopping then to a member’s house for dinner tonight! Should be a good day! :) Next p-day will be Wednesday! A member of the 70's is coming next Monday so we have a conference with him! The people in my zone are awesome! It’s nice, we are all kinda like a big family!! It is fun!
So I pretty much covered everything yesterday but there are just a few things I forgot to tell you so here they are:

1. Don't be rushed on sending the package... whenever you get a chance will be just fine! I know you are busy with State so you can do it after that too! Know that I am praying for you for that and everything will work out perfectly I promise! :)

2. Random Fact about New Jersey: YOU AREN'T ALOUD TO PUMP YOUR OWN GAS!! Seriously?? It is against the Law… They have people at every gas station who get paid to do it... it is weird for me... but oh well! haha :)

3. GIVE LAYNEE THE BIGGEST KISS EVER FOR ME TOMORROW! I can't believe she is 1?!?!? Really? Where did that year go?? But please take pictures of her eating her cake and send them to me!! :) Thank you!

4. Sister Eskander (the ladies house we were at yesterday) does the most amazing things on photoshop... she has a blog you should look up… She was showing us stuff yesterday and it is just amazing! I told her you would think it's so cool! So look it up! :) For her job, she is a toy doll designer for Toys R Us! Cool huh?

5. Never FORGET I love you!!! :)

I think that is it! Have a fantastic week!
Sister Dahl

*Some random things Sister Dahl told us in the family Skype session yesterday:

1.    They visited a family with a bear cave in their back yard. Yes a real one. Black bears live there and they see them often.

2.    They met an old man sitting in a car in a parking lot who was asking them questions about the gospel, when they looked down the man had no pants on! His shirt was long enough to cover but they saw plenty of his skinny old legs.

3.    They have one day a week for walking and the rest driving because their area is so large. On their car there is a monitor that reports if they go over the speed limit so the crazy NJ drivers get quite annoyed with them for staying at the right speed. Also the device records aggression marks when you drive. She already has one for going over a speed bump and one for accelerating too fast! Freeways are difficult. She knows the Lord has saved her life a few times J

4.    One lady they visited showed them a parasite she keeps in a jar in her fridge. She claims it was living inside her for a while.

5.   For service they helped a hoarder clean out part of her house.

6.    They ate dinner in a house with several cats. Her eyes swelled up and were itchy. Maybe allergic to cats!

7.    She has met people from several different countries in the 2 weeks she has been there.

8.    Loves her area...loves the ward members a lot...looks great (claimed she gained 8 pounds since the MTC!!).

9.    She has been surprised by some of the things that come out of her mouth when teaching…knows it is by the spirit and that the Lord helps her daily.

10. She is happy and healthy and still thinks her area is absolutely beautiful!

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