Monday, May 27, 2013

Guess what I saw for the first time in my entire life...

Family! :)

How are you all doing?! I hope all is well! This week here in Jersey… it rained… and rained and rained and then rained some more! And not just a little rain, it rained hard!!!! One day we were driving and I finally told my companions that we have to pull over because I couldn't see a thing and I was just going on faith hoping that we wouldn't crash!!!! hahah Faith of a missionary! :) But don't worry! We were safe and sound! :)

Well since I just talked to you on Wednesday I only have a little to report on... but it was still the best week ever! :) WE HAVE INVESTIGATORS! 3 of them right now! It is great!

1: We have a 19 year old who has been taking the lessons for a while and nothing has really come out of it... His dad is a member but isn't active... however we were able to meet him this week! He has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy wanting to know what it all means! So we read it with him and explained it more and the spirit was so strong! He is so cool and just wants to learn more! Well then it was my turn to ask him if he would commit to being baptized... I was nervous! So as missionaries we have a line to say and we say... "As you come to find out that this is true, would you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" So that is what we are supposed to say... however I was so nervous this is what I said... haha "As you find out this is true would you be baptized by someone holding authority into our religion?" hahahahahah seriously Sister Dahl?!?! I couldn't believe I messed it up that bad, however, it’s all good because he said YES, Of COURSE! :) haha so we are really hoping to meet with him more and get him baptized!!!! YAY!

2. Heather- She is the most incredible lady ever!! She is our neighbor and we walked passed her house one day and she was doing yard work so we just stopped and talked with her! We have been over a couple times since as well! She calls us her "Mormon girlfriends!" hahah. She is single, works 4 jobs and has brain cancer! She is really just trying to live... :( however she is amazing and so receptive. Last night we taught her the restoration! It was so great! :) She listens soo good! We also played horseshoes with her in her back yard! She said she really appreciated us coming over because she doesn't have any friends so she really feels the love from us and the messages we bring! We feel really good to be able to teach her and her willingness to listen to what we say! It is great!!! :)

3. Our crossing guard across the street from us! She is there every morning and she is as sweet as can be! We talk to her all the time and we have given her a Book of Mormon! She is so close with God... She is a Born Again ... but she loves the way we have the sacrament every week... YES! God wants us to do that!!! :) So we feel super strong about her!!

GUESS WHAT I SAW FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE THIS WEEK... NEW YORK CITY!!!!! We went on exchanges with a sister from West New York (which is in NJ just across the Hudson from New York) but, oh my goodness, I saw the Skyline! Coolest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!!!! There are so many buildings everywhere!!!!!! I was so overwhelmed!!! It was great!! :) haha I can't wait to be able to go to the temple over there in June! It will be amazing! :) We went on exchanges with Sister Simpson... she is from Layton! She is such a sweet heart! She is best friends with my makeup instructor at beauty school! It was sooo fun to talk with her! :) But other than that… that is my week! I love my two companions! We are seriously best friends! We get along sooo great and work together sooo good! This week is going to be awesome! We hopefully have appt. with the other people I told you about last week and then an appt. with the ones for this week! I really don't know what else to say other then I LOVE IT HERE! :) I hope all is well at home... and always remember to bear your testimony! No one can deny your testimony! So do it! :) haha! Love you all so much! And Holy Moly... I have been out for 1 month and 2 weeks... TIME IS going WAY TOO FAST! HA! Well Love you! :) Have a great Memorial Day!!!

 One of our favorite ward members!
A cool bridge!

View from West New York which is in NJ

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