Monday, June 3, 2013

We were able to have 27 lessons this week!

Another Week! :)

Wow…My time here is already flying by too fast...I can't believe that I will already have been here for 1 transfer at the end of this week (which is 6 weeks long) and I only have 11 transfers left! It is crazy! I still feel like I have been here for a week. But I am enjoying every single day! :) I feel really bad though because both of my companions have gotten sick this week with a cold and they have trouble sleeping and I am over here just being invincible! It must be all your prayers! (Especially yours mom plus those giant horse pill vitamins I’ve been taking... they still try to jump out every morning but don't worry I force them down) because I am never get sick and every night I hit the pillow and CRASH! ha! But despite the sickness, we have had a really successful week! We were able to have 27 lessons this week! That is soo many! ha We didn't have much time to think! But it was so great because this week at church we had 6 less active families and 1 progressing investigator there! It was such progress for our area! We were excited! But there is still lots to do this week! :)

So one of our investigators dropped us… :(  the other day we came home to the Book of Mormon we gave her sitting on our porch with a note that said... "I am not interested... don't come by my corner anymore..." That was sad! :( But at least we gave her the opportunity!

Our other investigator we didn't have much progress with this week... hopefully next week! Then another won't call us back... :(

However! There is still good news! haha Nick! The 19 year old investigator is making progress! He loves reading the Book of Mormon and he says he KNOWS it is true!!! He is just scared to get baptized! So next Sunday there is a baptism nearby and we are going to take him there and show him that it isn't scary! :) He did come to church this week and loved it as well! So keep praying for him! That is our focus this month is to bring him to the waters of baptism!! :) Cause he is soo ready!

Other than that, our week consisted of seeing Less-Actives! It is so crazy how with them, every situation is different! Nothing is ever the same!! But it was really great to see so many of them at church this week and trying to progress!!! :) Keep praying for them as well!

This next couple of weeks should be different because we are pretty sure we are getting Elders into the area… so it might be split and not be so big... which would be good but sad! :( We have so many great people to see but there is so much for just us to handle! We are one of the only areas in the whole mission that only has one set of missionaries assigned to it…so the Elders working here too would be very helpful!

But other than all that, that was the week! The crazy thing about being here doing all this work is my brain is always fried! ha I know there is so much more I could tell you but I really can't remember... I really feel like my brain is always going 700 miles per hour! But it is great and it keeps me busy! :) You will just have to wait till I get home and I can tell you all the amazing experiences that happen!

Yes and I love my 3rd comp soo much! She is amazing and I never want her to go to Brazil... :( so secretly I am praying she doesn't get her visa haha :) probably not properly aligning my will with Gods... :/ ha but she is amazing!
Mom, I am so proud of you for playing volley ball! Wait to be…I just don't believe! I am going to need some proof...ha! Sounds like you are coming out of the house more and more!!! Are you all ready for state this week? I have been praying for you! Good luck and leave some time open for me on Monday! :) That should be your day off right? :) Just remember to say a prayer though and everything will be fine!!!!

But know that I am so happy and super healthy (went to a member’s last night and their scale said I was back to my normal weight... YES! Now I just have to really focus on eating the fudge grandma sent me SLOWLY!!!) But I love you all so much!!!!

Oh yeah-random facts about NJ:

1. The weather is like Utah… one day it will be 90 degrees (plus 400 million% Humidity) but then the next day it will be pouring rain and it will be cold! It can't make up its mind!

2. Carlos Bakery! YES THE CARLOS BAKERY! (CAKE BOSS) Is in our area... okay not his original one… but he actually built a shop in Ramsey too and that is right by where we live! He is supposedly there for like an hour a week… haha pretty sweet huh?

3. HUNGER GAMES was filmed in our area! In a place called Ridgewood! It is so pretty there... Every place you look there are trees and I just keep thinking that I can see the tree that Katness slept in overnight!!! It is so cool! :)

4. I can't spell so I know half these words aren't right but I don't really care enough to fix them! ha! Love you all! :)

Have a great week!

Me and my broken umbrella :(
Don't worry I bought a new one!

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