Monday, June 24, 2013

the time is now to listen!

Welll what a week! What a great time to be a missionary! I hope everyone had a chance to hear the broadcast yesterday... because man! I am so grateful to be a missionary in this day and age! So many new things are coming about... the time is now to listen! :)

Well here is my week... It was kind of a slow week… but still fun! :)

Monday: After emailing guess what I got to do? Dye my comps hair! She wanted it a little more brown... so yes! It was so great to be able to do that again!

Tuesday: Oh we just had another flash flood warning day... (no big deal seeing as we have been getting those at least once a week since I got here...) But guess what we were doing on the rainy day?? Out knocking on peoples doors who are on the ward list and we have no idea why... so yes we got soaked and no one was home! ha! Except for one family that said we can come back next week so that will be good! Hopefully some good will come from that! :)

Wednesday: Well all of our appts. got cancelled on us this day so we spent the day on that ward list again! Going to different people’s houses! :) But then we went to Young Womens after! One of our less actives came and that was great! :) I think I had a little too much fun with the chalk and the hu-lo-hoops... haha :)

Thursday: We were able to see a lady in the ward that needs help... which was good! :) Then we came home to finish our studies and then we heard a giant "BANG" outside our house... there was a car wreck outside our door! It was scary! Luckily everyone was okay though! :) So after that, our neighbor took us out to dinner again... but don't worry, after dinner, we read through the Book of Mormon with him (the strippling warrior story because he loves war stories) and after wards we knelt with him in prayer! SOO cool! Slowly but surely progress is coming with him! :) 

Friday: We met with a Recent Convert (who is amazing!) and after our lesson we asked her if she wanted to come out with us and knock on doors! She was soo excited and said yes!! So we split up and her and Sister Webb were able to contact a lady and taught her a lesson on the Plan of Salvation! It was soo cool and such a good experience for her. She loved it! :)  Also this day we went to see a referral a member gave us and we were able to go inside and get their number and they totally want us to come back this week! So it was great! :)

Saturday: Cool day! :) We were able to meet with another Recent Convert and do Family History work! So for the first time in my life I decided if I was teaching it I better get on the site and take a look at my family history. WOW. Mom and Shauna... I am impressed! Clear back to 300 AD??? I will no longer make fun of the two of you! :) That is so cool! :) And how cool is that, that we are related to the queen of FRANCE! :) Family History is pretty cool... :) After that we were able to go to see a less active and guess what he has on his property.... HORSES!!! :) :) I got to pet a horse for the first time in 2 months... you have no idea how hard it was not to get on them... There were two horses and they both were jumping horses... poor little guys... they told me that they wanted to run barrels and rope... so I promised them that when I get back I will come and get them and take them back and let them live out their dreams! That’s what horses are for... they don't want to jump over logs right?? They want to run barrels and chase cows! :) What a great day though! :)

Sunday: Great day at church! Talk about a missionary themed day! In our ward that’s what they talked about then we were able to go to the broadcast! WOW! Can you even believe that we can use the internet now?!!? Who would of thought... it is said that we will be getting smartphones or ipads to be able to use the internet and facebook to keep up with those people we see! That is so cool! :) No wonder they lowered the age... they needed the young kids out here to know how to use the internet to spread the gospel! ha! I am so glad to be a part of this though! How exciting will this be! :)

This coming week will be great! :) We will be able to go to Morristown with the entire mission and have a fun day playing games on Wednesday! Our mission president and his wife are soo much fun! Then Thursday we REALLY are going to go to the temple! Didn’t have time this week. NEW YORK here we come! :) I hope all of you have a great week!! I love you all so much! :) You are all in my prayers! Pray for me too... pray that I don’t' sweat to death… the heat has come!!! 91 degrees yesterday with 4 million percent humidity!!! AHHH! ha! Have a good week! :)

p.s. I had a panic attack this morning... haha I organized the entire kitchen!!! We have tub a wears in every cupboard and most of them don’t' have lids so I went just a little crazy and cleaned out! Thought you would be proud :) haha made me feel a lot better! :)

*Side note from mom…apparently I taught her to want to be organized, but not enough about Tupperware!!! (tub a wears…really??? Sure makes me miss laughing at…and… with her! Ha ha

 Sister Webb and Sister Dahl
 Sister Nelson and Sister Dahl
 Sidewalk chalk at a Young Women's activity!
 hu-lo-hoop (as she called it ;)
 Lexi, a young women who came to the activity
 The horses that don't want to jump!
They secretly want to come to Utah and run barrels and chase calves.

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