Monday, June 17, 2013

...a frog the size of my head

Wellllll HELLOOO! :)

Sooo Glad its pday! :) And State is over!! :) YES!!! I’m glad all went well though! I'm sorry that you missed me... :( I would of loved to be there but I am not gonna lie, being here is better than at state finals! :) :) haha

Well good thing I forget everything because I had a whole list of things written down to tell you about today in this email and yes... it's at home… along with our cell phone... haha I am losing it.. and I'm only 20 ... things are not looking good for the future!! Anyways! It was a really great week in terms of learning a lot but in terms of the work here, it was slow! :(

Monday: We went to dinner at a family’s house and when we left, there was a frog the size of my head outside the on the driveway!! It was great! We got pictures!

So on Tuesday: We were able to meet with our investigator, the teenager. We hadn't heard from him for a couple days so we were just like "okay... that's it... we are going to his house!!" So we did and he was home! And he was actually just sending us a text as we rang the doorbell telling us he is sorry and that he is struggling but really doesn't know what to do... :( So we talked to him a lot and the spirit was so strong and he was able to feel that peace again! :) So pray for him! He needs help! :) Then that night we were able to visit another family’s house for dinner! The dad runs the Metlife Stadium! (where the superbowl will be this year...) :) haha but guess where he used to work? The stadium that the MAVS played for...(Cades favorite basketball team) sooo he ran that Stadium when the Mavs won the Championship so guess what he has?!? A championship RING!! Don't worry he showed us and I got pictures of it and he even let me try it on! I was so excited haha I bet Cade would of cried! :) He will never believe it! :) haha But then our Elders came that night and met us there for dinner and they cooked us a nice steak dinner.. man Tuesday was good! :)

Wednesday: We had our district meeting and met all the new missionaries in our Zone then we spent the rest of the day at the church telling the Elders what to do... haha The area is split so they get one half and we get the other! It will be good, but it is sad because there are so many great people on their side... :( but we need the help! One of the Elders is Elder Walker and he is from Morgan, Utah! Crazy! Then the other is Elder Johnson and he was in my district in the MTC! Then we went and helped with young men’s that night..

Thursday! This is our car fast... walking day! OH YAY.... and guess what it does every single Thursday here in New Jersey... it pours rain!! Every Thursday! I am not kidding! So we start heading out with our coats and gloves and umbrellas and we have one appt with a recent convert. Her house is like 3 miles away!! So we get about half way and she texts us and says she has to cancel... haha awesome. So then we were like great! What do we do? So we just decide to walk to the center of the town where there are stores and start contacting people on the street! I hadn't really done this yet... but it was so fun! Hardly anyone was interested but it was great just talking to people and bringing God into the conversation! I loved it so much! :) Then a member picked us up and then took us back to her house, fed us, then dropped us back off at an appt. We did a great bible study with a part member family and then brought in Book of Mormon Scriptures! It was fun! We did Moses and the Red Sea and it talks about that in the BOM sooo much! It was great to prove that we believe in the Bible too! :) Then they gave us ice cream and sent us home! (I'm not kidding when I say people feed us really good!)

Friday: We woke up at 5:30 and headed to Short Hills NJ and had a training for all the New missionaries! It was the most spiritual thing I have ever done! All we did for 8 hours is ROLE PLAY! Now I don’t like to role play… however, the spirit was so strong there and it made it fun! We were able to be investigators that we were having problems with and so when other missionaries role played the situation we got new ideas of what to say to them! It was awesome! Plus it was really good to learn new ways of teaching... something I needed help with! It was a blast and I learned so much! Then after that we were supposed to go to the temple with the ward but President asked us not to go at night so we had to cancel that plan... :( but we were able to see a less active family so that was great! :)

Saturday: We did the same thing! Woke up and went to short hills and had another 8 hours of training! It was awesome! So get this... there are these bugs called Cicadas.. Apparently they only come out every 17 years and there are loads of them! They make this crazy noise that you can hear then after a while they go live in the ground again for another 17 years. Well this year is the year for them to come out! So people have been talking about them like crazy! So we have been waiting for them to come out... well they have started to come out down south so they were everywhere down there and they are huge! So we are hoping they don’t make it up here!!! AHH!!

Sunday: Church... and importantly... Father’s Day! :) Such a great Sunday thinking about how awesome my dad is and how much I love him! I don't know what I would do without his example! I am also grateful for my Father in Heaven! For all that He does for me in my life as well... For sending me down here to learn and grow and experience things so that one day I have the potential to become like Him! I love Him and am grateful for the chance that I have to Serve Him! :)

That’s my week! It was great! :) We are planning on going to the temple next Thursday so that should be fun! But this week is going to be great getting back into the normal of things and getting to work! :) I love what I am doing and I love all of you! :) Have a great week!

p.s. Dad, I told our neighbor this week one of your sayings... he always says he will TRY to read the Book of Mormon... so I told him "Rich... My dad always tells me this... Steers try... Bulls make it happen!!!!" ha ha thought you would be proud! :) I love you! :)
 Three Amigos
 The Giant Frog!
 The box...
Good thing their hands are bigger than mine!

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