Monday, June 10, 2013

I have found my new favorite food...


How are you doing??

Sorry we are so late today! We went to NEW YORK this morning and went to Costco with our Senior Couple and I gave her a haircut so everything got thrown off! But I am staying here in Fardale with my Companions for another transfer. :) I am so happy! I wouldn't even be ready to leave! I am really just starting to get the hang of things and I LOVE the people here! :) So this week I will try to do a little better at telling you things that happened... I guess last week was just so crazy by the time Monday came... I didn't want to think about anything! Ha! So this week I will try to make more sense! :) This week we have done a lot of detective work on our ward list. There are loads of people that we have no idea who they are or why they are on our records so we were asked to go through everything and try to figure it out! So we have! We have also been getting things ready for the Elders coming in. Starting tomorrow our area will be split in half so we will have one side and the elders will have the other side! Kind of sad because we visit with sooo many great people on that side... :( but the Elders will do good for them! So this week was spent getting things ready for them so they can come in and get to work!!!

This week we were able to meet with a couple different people. One was a Less Active/Part Member Family... We went over there three times this week and read a chapter of the Book of Mormon each time! We are trying to help them get in the habit and gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon! It went great and it was fun to try to help them gain that love for the Book of Mormon! We challenged them to read on their own and they haven't yet... But hopefully they will! Two of them came to church this week! :) That will be a family handed over to the Elders...

We also met with a sister; the sweetest little lady. She lives in an assisted living apartment! We have tried to catch her at home over 10 times since I have been here and haven't had any luck but this week we did! The first time she answered the door and she said she was really sick but that we could come back…Well we were able to go back and see later in the week! Her bed was in her living room… and her living room stuff was in her bedroom... beats me? She also has a collection of little elephants! She had over 100 of them... it reminded me of someone else I know... ;) But it was a really cool experience because her foot doctor was in the apartment when we got there and we talked with him and told him about our church and that there were modern day prophets here on the Earth today!! He was like "wow... I guess that would make sense to have them here today..." so we were like YES YES YES IT WOULD!!! CAN WE GET YOUR NUMBER?!? haha So we got his information... only sad thing is that he will be in the Elders area but we are setting them up with an investigator which will be great! :) Being in the right place in the right time! The Lord really helps us with that!

We also were able to see another family; the 19 year old investigator I talked about and then his mom and dad. They are the funniest family ever! We met with the boy and had a really great lesson with him this week! Trying to help him come closer to baptism! He knows it’s true...he just is scared... :( So pray for him! But then we went over and visited his whole family another night and watched the Joseph Smith Movie... the long one... it was so amazing! The spirit in the room after the movie was so strong! You could tell they were all touched by what Joseph Smith went through to bring the Book of Mormon... Only problem is... they didn't come to church this week...and they won't call us back… Something must be wrong because that is so not like them... so hopefully we get ahold of them! (they will still be in our area thank heavens)

We were also able to see another family and their cousins (who aren't members) and teach them the plan of salvation! They all came to church this week and had a great time! They said they want to keep coming which is awesome! We also met with a lady who is such a sweet heart and has been offended by the church quite a few times but she allows us to see her and she told us that she really loves us and is so grateful we are so nice to her! :) It is cool...little by little there is light coming back into her eyes! :)

I have found my new favorite food... Risotto! I have had two members cook that for me this week... it is delicious!!! :) One put shrimp in it and everything!!! I have never tasted anything so good!!! :) mom... you've got some researchin to do! Learn how to cook it for me when I get home ;) haha

This week I have been studying Jacob 5! Probably my most favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon!!! I just love how much detail is in there! I drew the whole story out on a piece of paper and I will send it to you soon! I also think it is pretty cool how inspired Nephi was to right about his wicked brothers Lamen and Lemuel... I know if my brothers were that wicked I wouldn't write about them…however, because he did, he was able to set up the entire Book of Mormon! I guess if he hadn't written about them, the whole Book of Mormon stories wouldn't have made sense…All the wars between the Nephites and the Lamenites wouldn't have meant anything if Nephi didn't write about them from the beginning! Cool thought! I love the scriptures and how much I am learning! The Lord is amazing! Here I am trying to serve Him...and He just blesses me more!!! :)

But that was pretty much our week! We did go to a member’s house last night that has hermit crabs and we played with them forever! haha it was awesome! :) This week will be the best week ever... wanna know why?? WE ARE GOING TO THE TEMPLE!!! :) YES! We will be going to the city on Friday and going to the temple! I am so excited to actually see New York... but I am also so excited to be able to feel the spirit of the temple again! We are really lucky! We are going with our ward for ward temple night so it will be fun to be able to go with them too! But other than that, everything is going great! Thank you all for your support and know that I love you! AND I CAN'T FORGET... HAPPY FATHERS DAY ON SUNDAY TO MY DAD AND ALL THE OTHERS OUT THERE! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! :) :) and I wish I could call home on Father’s day... :( oh well! Have a good week!
 The three comps!
 Carlo's Bakery (CAKE BOSS!!)
 Happy Girls!
 A nice ward member taking us to breakfast!
 Sister Nelson, Sister Webb, Sister Dahl

 A drawing I made of our group!

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