Monday, November 4, 2013

I know that the Lord is preparing people...for us to see!

Good Afternooooooon! :) How is everyone? I am doing great minus the fact that when we went outside at 10:00AM today it was 37 degrees! INSANE! You look outside and it looks so nice and sunny.. FALSE ALARM! It's cold!!! :/ but all is well! The leaves are so pretty here I feel like I am looking at a picture every day! It's really cool! But other than that, we had a pretty good week!! Pretty calm… but we survived Halloween.
Monday: Well after P-day, we were able to have Family Home Even at the church again, then after that we decided to go to a Less Actives house who hasn't been answering our calls... So we just dropped by and she was sort of sick... but her Boyfriend was there and he made us sit down and they just started to pull stuff out of the fridge and making us eat! haha It was insane, steak, chicken, potato salad, fruit, veggies!! SOO MUCH FOOD! haha it was great! We decided we will be stopping by more often now ;) not to mention they sent all that food home with us! SCORE! Oh yeah, our LA is doing great! :) haha

Tuesday: It was kind of a slow day, we had district meeting in the morning then we were able to go see a Less Active! She has actually been coming to church a lot lately! So it was great to meet with her! Then we were able to go to dinner at a members and she fed me gluten free cheese rolls... man they were good! :) But we didn't do really anything else... we saw lots of people and got appts with them but no other lessons!
Wednesday: We did our studies, then we were able to see an investigator... We had a good lesson with him! We told him about recognizing the Spirit and how he can get an answer to know if the Book of Mormon is true, sooo he said that he would pray that night to know... so he called us later and he said that he said his prayers and a "warm feeling" came over him!!!! He said he knew that was the Spirit telling him that it is true! It was amazing! :) He is learning... just slow... so it will take some time with him but he will come around! :) We also saw another Less Active! She is doing great! She reminds me soo much of Grandma and Grandpa Stark! She said she puts out a bowl of candy out for her husband... then she has to hide the good stuff in the other room! :) hahah I just had to laugh at that one! :) After that, and I don't really know why... Since it was the day before Halloween, we had to be inside at 6:00. President didn't want us out on the streets, so we went home! Well... President said we could do whatever we wanted as long as we were inside and we didn't tell him... haha sooooo we went to the Kay’s apartment, which is right by ours! We were going to eat and play games! Well guess what game they pulled out... FIVE CROWNS!!! :) I was so happy! So we spent the night playing that! :) It was fun! Then we were back in our apt on time and went to bed! :)

Thursday: Was it really Halloween? Didn't even feel like it... but we didn't do much that day either... we had our weekly planning which took a while then we had to be in by 6:00 again... then we ran over to the Kay’s and did the same thing as the night before! :) It was great! :) We had fun! It must be pretty scary outside around here for us to have to be inside two nights in a row... that’s all I can think of... but all is well! I am still here! :)
Friday: This was a great day!!!!!!! :) We were back at work (don't worry... we do work I promise!) We were able to first see this guy who we met a couple weeks ago. He was a former investigator and had been dropped a couple times. But we went to just see if we could give it a try... So he agreed and we made an appt! We met him and asked him some questions! He is the nicest guy and he said some cool stuff! He had to retire from his job because of some health issues... and he was having a really hard time... he kept asking God for help and he wasn't getting anything... (or so he thought) but what kept happening is the missionaries kept knocking on his door and he was getting so annoyed! Well one day he was thinking and it finally clicked with him that maybe that was who God was sending into his life!!! So he let them in... and loved hearing what they were saying... welll things with his health got really bad and he kinda lost touch with the missionaries and that is where we came in! He told us that he let us in because he always wanted to know what is the true church. He has always been looking and just can't seem to find it... soooo we told him if he will listen to us he will find out! :) It was so spiritual! This guy is incredible and soo prepared! There were lots of other little things that led him to this as well... We were really excited and have another appt with him this week! :) We also met with a recent convert and our other investigator! She is doing great! :) She fixed us dinner that night... she is soo sweet! :) She always has lots of questions and she is really smart! :) but that was our great day :)

Saturday: We were able to have a ward cleaning the church day so we did that in the morning! Then we were able to go and serve a member’s husband (who is jewish) and help with his yard work! I blew leaves all day! hahah but then we had an appt with our first investigator! We taught him more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! That was great! :) Then we had an Herbal Life Shake... AGAIN! (ahh!) then we went to see the girl who was baptized last week! :) We had a great lesson with her and we challenged her to bare her testimony! She is still doing great! :)

Sunday: I love Sunday’s soo much! :) We were able to go to church and our new member was able to receive the Holy Ghost! That was an amazing thing for her! :) She did bare her testimony after... she was super nervous but she did great :) Her mom and two sisters and her friend actually came to church too! They seemed to really like it! :) Keep your fingers crossed for them! :) or actually... just pray! After church we were able to have dinner with a member and they are always so fun! :) There are a couple members here that I just love to death! :)
But that was our great week! :) I just love being a missionary! I know that the Lord is preparing people all the time for us to see! I know that the Spirit guides us to find those people! It's the most amazing experience I have ever seen! I love my Father in Heaven and His Son Jesus Christ more than anything! I am so grateful to be serving them!! I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week! p.s. stay warm! Heard it's snowing... ahh!

Love ya!

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