Monday, November 11, 2013

Pray for me to not drive over the bridge again

Well, I have told of some pretty funny/embarrassing/crazy things I have done on my mission so far but I think this week I topped them all..... haha! But over all it was a really great... fun week! :) Love when missionary work is work and fun at the same time... it's good to have a balance! :)

Monday: Well after emails, I think we just went to do some laundry and then we had family home evening that night! So that was great! :)

Tuesday! Okay! Now here is the adventure... So we woke up and we had Zone meeting and they decided to do it in West New York, NJ... (which is really far away from us…) sooo this place in Jersey boarders the Hudson river and on the other side of the river you can see the city! Soooo here I am driving down the freeway and all of the sudden... I missed the turn to go to where we needed to go... (this is what happens when your comp is from a different country and you have noooo help guiding yourself around these crazy roads!!!! ahh!!) Wellll next thing we know we are pulling up to a toll both... ah! So we ask the guy where we were and he is like you are going on the George Washington Bridge!!! So we were like ohhh no! Can we turn around?? And he said nope! So he made us pay $13 and here we are driving across the Hudson River on the George Washington Bridge to New York City. Now let me just mention... THIS IS OUT OF OUR MISSION! We were literally driving into the CITY!!! AHH! I was just a little scared cause I thought we were going to get in major trouble! So then we get across the bridge and miss like 9 turns to try to turn around and get back... so we end up going to Fort Lee... haha Then that turned us around and we drove back as fast as we could and we got to Zone Meeting on time! :) But needless to say... I was a little scared! But afterwards, Sister Gaihe and I were like... man! Why didn't we take a picture?!? hahah but it was still an adventure I won't forget and hopefully won't have happen again! :) However, after that, Zone meeting was great, then I was able to go on exchange with Sister Varble! She lives literally 1 min away from Kristi... I don't know how we never met before! But she is awesome! We worked up in New City and we saw an investigator we have had for a while that really wants to learn but she works on Sundays... :/ Well we had a really powerful lesson with her and we got to ask her to pray about the Book of Mormon with us right there and she did and when she was done she said... "I feel like my heart was just opening up!!" It was amazing! The Lord has truly blessed us and it is so great to be able to see people receive the same witness that you do! :) But Sister Varble and I had a great night talking till... late... :) ha! It was fun!

Wednesday: So we woke up really early cause Sister Varble remembered that her and her comp had to be in Morristown at 10:00 in the morning so we had to hurry and exchange back and that was great haha but Sister Gaihe and I had a great day full of lessons! We were able to teach another investigator and we committed her to a baptismal date of Nov 24th! She is praying about it right now, but she would totally be ready by then! :) Then we met with the miracle man, and we had a great lesson with him and we committed him to pray so we will follow up with that this week! And our elderly investigator is doing great! We just have to teach him over and over again! Then we got two new investigators that night! Two young girls that are just awesome! They have been coming to church so hopefully something comes out of this! :)

Thursday: We did weekly planning then we had our apt not show up so then we just went to young women’s that night! :) We had some new people there so that was fun! :)

Friday: We had a great day planned... but nothing really went the way we wanted it.. man :/ haha but that's okay! :) We were able to teach two less actives that really just need someone to be bold with them and we were! :) We also were able to do service with an investigator’s grandma… this lady has a million Halloween decorations and she needed help putting them away so we helped her with that! :) That was fun! :) But that is really all the excitement we had Friday.

Saturday: We were able to wake up and have interviews with President! This man is incredible! Have I ever told you that he is a Patriarch? Yes! Only Patriarch that has ever been a mission president! That may give you some idea of how spiritual this man is! I am in the same room with him and the spirit is just so strong it brings me to tears every time! I love him and Sister Jeppson so much! But after that we were able to have lunch, we went and bought Sushi! :) Sister Gaihe and I needed a treat! (please pray for her family from the Philippines...) We were able to have a great day! We saw our elderly investigator again! We taught him the restoration and asked him to teach it back to us and he did! Really well! :) So we know he is understanding a little better! :) Then we met with our recently baptized convert!!! Her record number came in so there is a ward temple trip this week and she can go!! And we can go with her if she gets a family name! So that's what we are working on now! Oh I hope we can go! :) Then we went to a member’s house for dinner and they said... eh... we are too lazy to cook! So they took us to Outback Steak House! :) Lucky huh? Of course I had a little stake and a sweet potato! Man it was great! :) Then we were able to see a lady that is in the hospital and we brought her cookies so that was nice! :) But that was our Saturday!

Sunday: Crazy day at church! But there was a missionary who came home and so he gave his talk then after we had a huge Linger Longer for him... (I have never done so many linger longers in my life since I have been on my mission.. they have them all the time over here) but after that we were able to go home and do some studies then our appt wasn't there that night so it was kind of a slow night! But all is well! :)

Then today we had a zone activity so that was really fun! :) But that is our week! I love doing this work! It is incredible! I am so happy to be a part of it! I know that the gospel works! I have seen it in people’s life and in my own! I know that by living the Gospel, we will truly get back to our Father in Heaven! I Love you all and hope you have a great week! :) Pray for me to not drive over the bridge again… and if I do.. I will at least take pictures while I am!! haha! Love you! :) 
Sister Dahl!
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