Monday, November 18, 2013

...this work that I am doing is the best work that I will ever do!

Welllll Good morning!!! And in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening and gooooodnight! :) haha how is everyone?? Things are going great in the BIG NY!! (as usual. I'm a missionary. That's how things roll... but even if they weren't great, I'm pretty sure I would still be happy just because I have the amazing opportunity to invite people to come unto Christ! What greater thing can there be?) Wanna know one thing that a mission has REALLY done to change me?? I LOVE getting up at 6:30 and having the opportunity to STUDY. I know for those of you that REALLY know me, I did not like to study... anything.. before! But something has seriously changed and I LOVE LEARNING! :) (probably just because it's about my personal salvation and not about art or something I don't care about hah but still it's great!)

I am rambling again... but one last thing before I tell you about my week. New York is as weird as Utah in terms of the weather... One second it is freezing then the next second is it hot! It's crazy! But the beginning of this week was insane. It was soo cold! There was one day that it didn't get above 35 degrees. And all those people that told me that it was such a different cold over here... you are right! No matter how nice my coat is, it still cuts to the bone! Thank heavens we have a car that has a nice warm heater... :) (I am sorry Cade... Heavenly Father only sends the tough ones to France to make them walk...) BUT there is a positive! Today we get alllll bundled up and go outside and it is about 60 degrees!! No joke! I have a feeling we are going to sweat today! haha anyways it's weird... (p.s. when I email, my mind is going 1 million miles an hour. I can't wait till Christmas when I can just talk to you cause I will be able to tell you sooo much more!)
Okay now to my week!

Tuesday: We had district meeting in the morning then we all went to Wendy's for Lunch! It was great, I treated myself to an ultimate grilled chicken without the bun! Haven't had that in a while! :) Then we were off to work! We decided that we wanted to stop by this former investigator. We have tried before and he wasn't home but we go there today and he answered the door! :) Coolest guy I have ever met! He talks about as much as me... which you know is a lot... and he is soo funny! Somewhere in our crazy conversation he said that he watched BYU TV all the time, he has watched conference and he has a BOM by his night stand and he reads it sometimes!!! :) He also said this.... "If we had prophets in the olden days, why couldn't a guy like Joseph Smith be a Prophet now????" hahah uhhh HELLO! He is soo right! :) We ended the conversation with him going to follow up this coming week because he was going hunting this weekend... I told him to shoot me a 6 point!! :) Ha he said deal! So we will hopefully meet back up with this guy this week! Pray for that!
Then we were able to meet with our investigator! We had a great lesson with her and she decided that she wants to be baptized on Jan 12. She set the date so we willl shoot for that! :) She is soo cool and really prepared! Then we had a meeting with a recent convert and he is super funny... ha but it was good. We met with his mom too, who is another inv and we shared a little scripture with her because she was sick... :/ But that was our Tuesday! :)

Wednesday! It was a pretty busy day! :) I love those times! We started off the day picking up a member to go out with us for the day! She is awesome! She is the one that teaches me French! Anyways, our first appointment was with the miracle guy! We called him the other day and he said he wasn't feeling very well sooo we asked if there was anything we could do and he said.. HEAL ME!! haha sooooooo we offered him a priesthood blessing from the Elders and so we did that on Wednesday! They came with us and gave the blessing and the Spirit was soo strong! It was incredible! I know he felt it and it was a special experience! After that, we talked with him about the Spirit and how to recognize it. After that we had a meeting with our older investigator, and that went well... He seems to be understanding more and more! Slow process! But good! Then our other appts canceled so we dropped off the sister member then we went to a Less Active home and we had a great lesson about improving our prayers. I love when I learn more than the person I am teaching! :) Then the rest of the night was slow but spent trying to find new inv! :)

Thursday: Weekly Planning all day and we had our apartment check! The Kays do that and they said our apt was SPOTLESS! :) (another shocker right? I am clean too! Sometimes... haha) Then we spent the night with the Ward Clerk updating the ward list! That’s one thing that I never realized missionaries have such a huge part in cleaning up people that have moved, or address changes and such! So this ward was SUPER behind on it so we have spent a lot of time doing that so it was nice to get the efforts recorded! :)

Friday: Was another good day! We had a meeting with our 13 year old investigator and that was good! Then we had a meeting with a less Active. She is really progressing! She comes to church all the time and she just needs a lot of learning! :) So that has been good! Then we had a lunch apt with a member! Who is Spanish! So that was an interesting lunch... haha we only talked a little bit! :) But oh well! Then the rest of our apt cancelled on us so we spent the night again, looking for new investigators! :)

Saturday: We were first able to see one of our investigators! He really opened up to us about his past this day! It was cool! He had some past alcohol problems, lost everything, his family, his house, food! Everything! But he cleaned himself up and hasn't drank in 27 years! It was really amazing to see that side of him! Then we spent the day going to formers! We found one New Investigator! He was an old Head Quarter Referral and when we knocked on his door, he let us right in! He has lots of questions about the bible and how there are contradictions! So we will see how open he is to the truth! :)

Sunday: Great day at church, like always! :) One of our investigators came and that was really great! :) But it was soo great to be able to partake of the sacrament! Then we didn't have any plans that night, so we were once again out finding people!  :) It was so foggy last night! Driving was scary! haha I have never seen it quite like that! But it was still a good night! :)
But that was pretty much our week :) Last week of the transfer will be this week! Crazy how fast time flies! :) p.s. I have been out for 7 months already! Can you believe it? Well all is well... I know that this work that I am doing is the best work that I will ever do! It truly is amazing how it is the most rewarding work I have ever done... even when we have days where it seems like nothing good happened... at the end of the day I know that I am still happy because I was able to represent my Lord and Savior!

Well have an awesome week! I love you all! :) p.s. don't forget to read your scriptures! :)

Sister Dahl!

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